Sunday, June 12, 2011

Studio Sunday/The Back Corner

Last week's Studio Sunday showed organization, my system for saving household discards. This week's show's the other side—the back corner accumulation center. The totally cool file card cabinet holds natural materials gathered for the Spirit Books. On top is a bowl with pine needles, also more potential Spirit Book material. So far so good. But then this is where miscellaneous stuff goes. The studio is part of the house and one frequent temptation when we are clearing the table for dinner, cleaning for guests, or just trying to put the house in order is for me to say, "Just put it in the studio." I've been fighting that but here we have: the New York World's Fair plate we took down when we were painting the kitchen wall, my daughter's German notebook from high school (she graduated 2 years ago), a nice green box that a gift came in and seemed too nice to throw away, a piece of wrapped glass that I bought at the hardware store for framing (I haven't framed anything myself in several years), and ribbons from our outdoor Christmas wreaths. And then there are the green elastics that should be in my sorting bin and a piece of paper with ink markings that was left from a book idea that didn't work. The good news is that this is now a corner along with a few other nooks and crannies. There have been times when this was the dominant look for the entire space.


Anne Shealy said...

I love your studio. It does make me feel better for you to reveal that it's not so perfect. It looks like a wonderful playroom!!! Enjoy!

Pamela J. said...

Always a joy to learn more about artists who make books-nice job with your online transformation! Good for you!

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