Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Book Arts Tuesday-Bookbinding Now Podcasts

I recently discovered Bookbinding Now. The biweekly podcasts are hosted by Susan Mills. I feel like I have companions in the studio as I listen to the interviews with a wide range of people involved in the book arts. So far I've listened to interviews with Karen Hanmer, Peter Verheyen, miniature book collector Neale Albert, and Tara Bryan from Newfoundland and look forward to more (18 recorded so far). There are different interviewers as well as interviewees and lots of fascinating questions and responses.

You can download the podcast on itunes.

And take a look at Susan Mills' website. I particularly like the Garden Ledger with pages of pressed harvest from the garden.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Susan-- I love your Spirit Book Series. I am just like you when I walk anywhere I am always finding little treasures on the ground and my house is full of seed pods, rocks wood, and even dried bugs. What a great idea. I love making books!!!

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