Monday, November 21, 2011

Girl Scouts Make Spirit Books

What a delight to find this email in my inbox last week!

Hi Susan,

I am a Girl Scout Leader of troop 41071, which contains 6 very energetic 3rd grade girls, and in following your work for the last several years we have used your books in many projects.

However, I wanted to thank you for an amazing meeting last night. I introduced to the girls your idea of spirit books and explained to them your ideas and then sat back and watched as they combined that idea with the love of fairies... Last night they put together fairy houses but also included tiny books cradled in twigs and logs where they awaited independent study from the winged ones themselves.

These girls were so enthralled with their creations, I have never seen them quite so at peace with what they were working on before, and I felt sure that you would want to hear their story... I am sure you must get many, many emails each day... I hope you are able to accept one more, which is so full of thanks from 6 girls and their leader!

I have sent you photos, as they asked me to do, in a separate email... they really did want you to see their work!

Many, many thanks

Hannah McSawley

Girl Scout Troop 41071, I love your Spirit Books! Thanks for sharing. You can follow the adventures of the Muddy Girls and Mrs. Mac on their blog.


Samantha Marshall said...

They look fantastic!!!

Unknown said...

This is wonderful work. Congrats to Girl Scouts!

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