Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Book Arts Tuesday-Hedi Kyle Video

Hedi Kyle has been a strong and guiding presence in the world of book arts for many years. She may be best known for her invention of the Flag Book. Here is her first, April Diary, made in 1979.

Enjoy and be inspired by this enlightening video which is part of the enior Artists Initiative Inventory and Oral History Project. The first minute is a bit rough but it settles down soon. The first part is an interview tracing her life from Germany to Crete to the United States and the second is a show and tell of her work, her collections, and her studio. I was interested to see that she too saves the inside of security envelopes for collage materials, impressed by her organization, and inspired by her books, her teaching, her thoughtfulness, and her warm presence.

Heidi Kyle Interview from Senior Artists Initiative on Vimeo.

Thanks once again to Peter Verheyen of the Book Arts List for sharing this.

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