Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Bookmaking Project-Where I Live Book

I just did a workshop at Children's Hospital and this was a favorite form for the artists and educators there. Since each successive page is larger than the one before, it's great for helping young children understand their place in the world from their school or street address through their town, state, country, and finally planet.

Use three sheets of paper and follow the instructions for the step book. I wanted to use recycled paper so I glued the sides with writing of two pieces of paper together to make each sheet. I used strips cut from a plastic bag for the ties but yarn also works well.

You can find written directions in English and Spanish and a pdf to print and share at

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Susan. I have been volunteering at my daughter's school this term and I wanted to do something with books, as I'm a freelance copy-editor. I also went to art college many years ago, and when I was researching how to teach the children to make their own books I found your site. Their first books have been very successful and I'm looking forward to showing them more ways to be creative. I love this idea and it's very good timing! Thank you again. Cara, Scotland

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