Thursday, April 12, 2012

Poetry Month-A William Blake Excerpt

Several weeks ago my daughter was given a collection of scarves, earrings, and pins which we enjoyed sorting through—finding ones we liked, ones that would make good gifts, and ones to pass along to a local charity shop. And of course I am always looking at everything as possible material for handmade books. I got the idea that some of the post and hanging earrings would work as the binding of the fan books. Today I got around to making a sample as I prepare for the Fan Book Gathering of Gifts Workshop on Saturday.

The pages of the book were cut to match the shape of the earring from cereal boxes and covered first with images from a catalog and then with tracing vellum with the words of a poem excerpt by William Blake written with a flair marker. The backs were covered with brown grocery bag paper. Holes were punched with a punch that makes tiny holes and the pages threaded onto the earring.

1 comment:

Joy Corcoran said...

What a beautiful little book! It has an ephemeral look to it -- like joy flying by.

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