Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Book Arts Tuesday-CaiLun Blog

Dennis Yuen has a great blog at CaiLun.info. He named the blog after Cai Lun who is credited with the invention of paper in China. Here is what Dennis says about him:

Cai Lun, who is Chinese, was the great inventor of paper, but sadly, he is way under recognized and appreciated. For me, a person of Chinese descent who has a love for paper, I think I should be proud of Cai Lun, our shared heritage, and of course his great invention. To honor his great gift to hunman kind I thought "Cai Lun" would be a perfect fit for the name of this blog. And thanks to M. for giving me ideas to come up with the name "Cai Lun."

Categories include Books by Dennis, News & Happenings, Paper & Folding, Shopping for Supplies, Tools & Techniques, Resources, and Artists. He generously shares information about how he constructs specific books, materials and tools he purchases and uses, reviews of books, and much more on an elegantly designed blog.

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