Thursday, June 14, 2012

Studio Clearing on etsy

The Studio Clearing continues as I make room for new directions. I am officially done with working in schools although I will continue to be available for workshops and presentations at conferences and meetings. My teaching now is to adults, focusing on simple books with recycled materials and emphasizing the creative experience. The clearing involves reclaiming space previously used for teaching materials as well as sorting through assorted boxes.

I am having a Studio Clearing Event on etsy. Everything is essentially free. The price listed covers postage (in priority mail boxes and envelopes for convenience) and the etsy fee. Some of the items are

Letters from Word Play at the 2009 Maudslay Outdoor Sculpture exhibit

Sumi Ink Drawings

Collections of exhibition invites and catalogs

Sewing Kits

and more.

Please visit my etsy site to give a new home to these things. I have no idea what the response will be but to start I'd like to ask you to take only one item. I want to share the gifts with as many people as possible.

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Linda Branch Dunn said...

What a wonderful idea. I am in the process of Giving Away too - let the supplies fly where they will be welcome and full of new energy. I hadn't thought of Etsy tho' - next stop, for sure. Still hope to be in a class of yours someday.

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