Sunday, October 28, 2012

Studio Sunday-Pens

My order from John Neal of Pilot Parallel pens also included some new Speedball C-0 and C-1 nibs and a set of Hiro tape nibs. I have primarily used brush pens and markers and cartridge pens for years but am feeling the urge to go back, at least occasionally, to pen and ink. These were my favorites from my full-time calligraphy days.

Last week I reorganized my collection. I put the ones I will be most likely to use in one jar and the rest up high and out of the way on a different shelf. Here's the contents of the jar: Speedball and Hiro Tape, a five-line pen for ruling music pages, a ruling pen, automatic pens, and a brush for filling.

1 comment:

Mo Crow said...

I am really enjoying using a glass pen this year, very fluent holds a lot of ink with a lovely back flick!

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