Sunday, July 28, 2013

Studio Sunday-Iron in Use

The iron I purchased at a yard sale last month has been put to use pressing the book board for a Spirit Book base, my least favorite part of the process. The new books I've made since I started making the books again after a five year break have used recycled bases from older books. I'm starting small as I ease into making new ones and working on improving my attitude. While it doesn't carry the same peaceful, meditational quality that the stitching on the pages does, there is something soothing about brushing paste on board and smoothing with a folder.


Mo Crow said...

is this your next spirit book Susan? & what is that fabulous triangle with the woven border in the background?

Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord said...

It is one of the new ones. I'm working on a few smaller ones (hence the base fits under the iron for pressing) and then a few larger ones but still smaller than the biggest I've done. And the triangle is a box from Indonesia from our long departed but still missed favorite shop here in Newburyport—Milagros.

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