Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Book Arts Tuesday-Bookmaking in Argentina

Rafaela Zurbriggen sent me these photos from her class at the IPEM 190 Carande Carro secondary school in Cordoba, Argentina. She was taught bookmaking by Alex Appella who also shared information from makingbooks.com. The students used mostly recycled materials and wrote about their lives for their English class. Here's what they said:

"Making our own books was a really exciting and an unforgettable experience. Besides English is a really difficult subject for us and we are not accustomed to write anything in English. But with this experience of writing about our identities and making our life books we felt that we were able. "

Directions for the Stick and Elastic Book

I love to share work from around the world. Feel free to send me photos from your class or family bookmaking adventures. susan (at) susangaylord.com

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