Thursday, August 01, 2013

New Book-The Wondrous Nearer Drew

Instead of my usual creation of an image for Lammas, one of the cross quarter days in the Celtic calendar—the first day of autumn, I'm celebrating the day by announcing the publication of The Wondrous Nearer Drew: Artwork Inspired by the Poetry of Emily Dickinson and the Flowers of Massachusetts which is available for purchase online through HP MagCloud. The paperback book sells for $20. which includes a free digital version. If you prefer to purchase digital only, the cost is $4.00. It does look beautiful on the ipad. You may be smarter than I am but it took me a bit to figure out that holding the ipad horizontally gives you a double page spread. You can see the pages one at a time when you hold it vertically.

Here are a few of the page spreads:

Preview and purchase the book from MagCloud

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