Sunday, September 08, 2013

Studio Sunday-What About Me Book

When I first started teaching bookmaking, I did some workshops for at risk and girls' empowerment programs. I used art papers and in this case, made an accordion within a folded cover. This was a project that I did with a girls' group at a retreat in New Hampshire. Whatever kind of book I teach, I always made a model of my own. I assume this was made in the early 1990s. I'm not sure why, with a long list of things to do before our trip, it seemed like the time to browse through my book projects drawer but it was interesting to look back.

The prompts for each page of What About Me: A Book of Questions & Some Answers were:

What do I love?
Whom do I admire?
What do I like about myself?
What would I change about me?
What are my dreams?
What are my hopes?
What was my best day?
What was my worst day?

If I were doing it today, I would probably end on a more upbeat note.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful project!

Nina Fenner said...

Love this idea, it's the sort of workshop I'd love to lead encouraging/empowering workshops one day. Thanks for sharing your wonderful work.

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