Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Book Arts Tuesday-Books for Halloween

Here are two simple books for Halloween that I developed for a family workshop at the Pumpkin Patch Halloween at Wolbach Farm in Sudbury, MA on Saturday.


you'll need:
printed ghosts from the pattern or white card stock
hole punch
two buttons with holes
twist tie

1. Cut out the ghost patterns or create your own.
2. Punch a hole at the bottom of each ghost. It doesn't matter if the holes line up exactly.
3. Thread the twist tie through two holes in the button.
4. Make the two ends even.
5. Put both ends of the twist tie into the holes at the bottom of the ghosts.
6. Thread the two ends into two holes of the second button.
7. Push the button against the ghosts. Twist the twist tie ends around each other tightly against the button.
8. Trim off any extra.

Ghost Book Pattern


you'll need:
1 sheet of recycled copy paper with writing on one side only

1. Fold paper in half the short way (like a hamburger).
2. Keep it folded and fold it in half the other way.
3. Open and fold each edge into meet the middle.
4. Fold it in half to get to the front cover.

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Nina Fenner said...

Hi Susan, thanks for sharing these, I'm running a 'making table' for all ages this Saturday and I love this idea, I'll try and take some pictures for you if I use them. I'd have loved to have entered your art lesson giveaway but I've probably missed it, it's 9.35am on wednesday in the UK now, I was too tired last night!

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