Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Book Arts Tuesday-A Halloween Ebook

You know I love physical books and am passionate about getting as many people to make them as possible. I also like technology and spend many enjoyable hours at the computer. No doubt some of the hours are frustrating and/or dull, but I do love it when I take the time to play.

On a recent walk through downtown Newburyport, I enjoyed looking at the scarecrows on the lamposts and decided they would make a fun little ebook for some children I know. I picture them being viewed on a phone or tablet. Although I usually use indesign for page layouts, I did this in powerpoint. I wanted to create the book in a program that more people have access to. I used photographs and some little drawings to decorate the pages. When I completed the document I reduced the file size to 96 ppi (found in file) and then saved it as a pdf.

View and or download the Newburyport Halloween pdf

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