Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Book Arts Tuesday-Rhonda Ayliffe

Rhonda Ayliffe is an artist from Australia. On her blog she describes herself as "artist, teacher, student, mother, gardener, farmer - that's me in six words." Her entire site is worth exploration—

her art gestures ("every sunday in 2012 I created an 'art gesture'- an ephemeral bit of artiness created during the week captured with an app on my hi-phone"),

her artworks, and

her older calligraphic work.

It was this recent post, honestum circuli - the artists book..., that inspired me to share her work.

honestum circuli - the virtuous circle
is both a semi-permanent physical structure
in the form of a book/herb spiral
surrounded by an emerging dye garden
with citrus trees and associated beneficial plants


an accompanying book consisting of
garden plans and musings,
original drawings, calligraphy and collage,
progress photos and musings on the nature and value of
spirals and gardens and art
(and art as gardening and gardening as art....)

Rhonda Ayliffe's blog and website

1 comment:

ronnie said...

ahhh you are so kind to share my things susan....

we've had some good rain recently (in australia rain is always worth commenting on) and my gardens are looking lush again -- honestum circuli is bursting with herby goodness!..... and our paddocks are green too --- the grey kangaroos and little swamp wallabies that mostly live in the national park that borders our farm are taking advantage of all the succulent green grass....

its a good year

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