Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Rail Trail Rocks

Remember the pile of rocks I was encouraged to remove from the driveway? I brought them in, washed them, set them to dry on a towel, and pondered what to do with them. I have mixed feelings about all the rocks with inspirational words on them that are marketed about. Part of the problem is that some are tackily done. Beyond that I am often torn between whether they offer a bit of profound thought or an overly simplistic view of the world. Regardless, I want to put words on rocks. But then I have the continual dilemma for me—what to do with that pile of rocks with words?

On our recent trip to Paris, I was fascinated (in both good and bad ways) by the near ubiquitous graffiti and street art. I had an urge to put some thing out there myself. But what is a respectful New Englander and grown girl who wore white gloves to do? Certainly not anything that would damage or deface property. And so the sharing of the rocks on the Clipper City Rail Trail in Newburyport.

Yesterday morning I made two sets of rocks with the same words. Yesterday afternoon I went to the Rail Trail. I had no particular plan of where to put them but I knew I wanted them to easy to see. When I started to walk down the stairs at High Street to the trail, I knew I had found my place. They looked so at home on the granite on the sides of the stairs.

I put the second set on the stairs at Strong Street. They are not meant to be permanent so if you should find yourself there, please feel free to take one home.

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