Sunday, February 02, 2014

The Anniversary of Jenny's Passing

I am reposting this image from yesterday because I wanted to share the beautiful message that I received in return from Pete Groat, Jenny's husband today.

Today marks the anniversary of Jenny's passage and so Imbolic could hardly be more relevant. I woke up this morning to the sound of rain, something we have not heard in some time here in California. Not just a passing shower teasing us, but real, measurable RAIN! In my heart, I know that this was Jenny's gift to us, her way of encouraging us, her healing message. And I felt peace and gratitude, not grief on this first anniversary.

When most people refer to death as a passing, it always seems like a euphemism. In Jenny's case, passage is the right word. This is from another message from Pete:

The photo of Jenny was taken about a week before she died. Her "Great Mystery Grin"--so called because one night, about two weeks before she passed as we were saying our good nights- with a mutual promise to wake up in the morning - she had such a lovely grin and said "Soon I'll Know the Great Mystery!" And to Blanche Hartmann who visited her shortly before her death she said, with the same infectious grin, "It's all Love and Joy,Blanche,it's all love and Joy!!"

Special thanks to Pete for sharing Jenny with us. May we learn from her all-embracing and adventurous spirit.

And here is a link to my appreciation of Jenny.


Trish J said...

Thank you so much for sharing rhis with all of us Susan. Jenny was a rare soul.
Trish Johnston

Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord said...

A rare soul indeed. And a gift to all who knew her.

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