Monday, February 03, 2014

Valentine Count Up-Convivio Book of Days

I always look forward to the monthly installment of Convivio Bookworks' Book of Days. Each month is a beautifully designed page with significant calendar days, both common and uncommon. In addition to Valentine's Day, February includes: 3 St. Blaise’s Day. Protector against maladies of the throat.

Here's what accompanies the image:

The cold of winter lingers but the wheel of the year already is shifting toward spring and new growth. Valentine’s Day makes love a big theme of the month... these are valentines our niece Isabella made for us when she was five.

A good place to start your exploration is the Convivio Bookworks website where you'll find links to the Book of Days (current edition and archive) and the Book of Days Blog as well as letterpress and book arts and a delightful selection of items for seasonal celebrations for sale.

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