Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Book Arts Tuesday-Brush & Ink Book

This set of books was made from a half sheet of pastel paper (12.5 x 19") with brush marks made with sumi ink.

I was inspired by the books I made a last year around this time using old practice papers.

I wanted to do something similar for my Book Play workshop last week at Rolling Ridge Retreat Center in North Andover, MA. I decided that we would make the papers with ink and use them to make what I call hot dog booklets. The theme of the day making books from one sheet of paper and experimenting with ways to vary them. The large green book on the right was made with the whole sheet. The blue books were made from another: the larger from one half, the taller small one from one quarter, and the wider small one to its left from a quarter torn in half to make 2 long strips. If you want your pages to be wider than tall, you need to start with a narrow piece of paper.

Here are a few of the brush books made in the workshop:

Printed directions for making a hot dog booklet

Printed directions in Spanish for making a hot dog booklet

Video Directions for making a hot dog booklet

Information about Book Play Workshops (Scroll to the bottom.)

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