Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Holiday Discount on Books at etsy

15 by 15
What better gift, for someone else or for yourself, than a book? To make it easier, I've created a discount coupon for my etsy shop: 15% off any order ($10. or over) if you make your purchase by December 15. The code is: 15by15

Titles Available:
Books ($12 to $20):
* The Spirit Books
* Art Lessons: Reflections From An Artist's Life
* Handmade Books For A Healthy Planet
* A Flower A Day for May

Instructional Ebooks available for instant download ($3 to $10):
* Festivals of Light: Making Books for the Holiday Season
* Gung Hay Fat Choy: Making Books for Chinese New Year
* Making Books for Young Learners
* Homes for Poems: Making Books for Poetry
* Getting To Know You: Making Books That Tell Who You Are & What You Care About
* Yearbooks
* Fabulous Four: Star, Diamond, Spiral, & Necklace Books
* Fantastic Five: Alphabet Books
* Entertaining Eight: Step Books
* Diamond Fold Books

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