Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Book Arts Tuesday-Pettingell Book Bindery

I enjoyed this article, An Afternoon at Pettingell Book Bindery, with great photos by Melati Citrawireja on Berkeleyside, Berkeley, CA's independent new site. Here's how it starts:

As I push open the glass door to Pettingell Book Bindery on Bancroft Avenue, I am greeted with a pleasant quietness, a rare occurrence in the busy hub of downtown Berkeley. The owner and master bookbinder, Klaus-Ullrich Rötzscher, greets me warmly and invites me into his workspace.

Rötzscher is a middle-aged tall and slender fellow, wearing a glue-coated apron and wire-rimmed spectacles. The long, narrow room is dimly lit, with quirky artwork and tchotchkes lining the walls. Ribbons, rolls of colorful paper, and old tools fill every nook.

“I designed this place myself, and I am skinny,’ he jokes in his thick German accent as we squeeze through the walkway. “Actually, the bindery was set up this way when I bought it and I just filled it with more crap.” A Javanese wooden puppet dangling from a shelf seems to wink as I pass.

An Afternoon at Pettingell Book Bindery article

Pettingell Book Bindery

Melati Citrawireja

As is often the case, this link comes from Peter Verheyen on the Book Arts List.

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