Sunday, July 12, 2015

Studio Sunday-Quote Corner

My studio reorganization has been about making it more functional but also more attractive, both as a space for me to work in and a place to show off in a studio visit. I hung this framed piece of quill and berries that my friend Nancy Hajeski (now a writer) made for me years ago when I at the height of my obsession with calligraphy above my quote box, the contents of which have spilled over into a quote bowl made by my friend Sandra Kavanaugh (now working with paint and pastel) when she was at the height of her obsession with pottery. It began its life as a mixing bowl but was reassigned after I dropped it. There's also a stack of blank index cards waiting for new entries and a little book of one of my favorite sources, Poems by Emily Dickinson.

I'm going to be working on a series of quotes which includes thinking about what makes a good quote as well the lettering itself. I'll be sharing more as it develops.

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