Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Book Arts Tuesday-Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Book

Here's a project for the Day of the Dead, a hot dog booklet shaped like a sugar skull with drawings on each page.


1. Make a hot dog booklet.
Directions are at makingbooks.com.

2. Stand book up and arrange it so that if you look at it from above you see a plus sign. This will help you in step 5.

3. Unfold the book so that you have a full sheet of paper.

4. Cover the paper with glue. I prefer glue stick.

5. Refold the book being careful to re-form it so that you have the plus sign. Press on the pages to help them adhere.

6. With the book folded up and the spine on the left, trim through all the layers to get a skull shape. I just rounded the top and bottom sides and took a little curve out of the middle of the two sides. Keep the bottom flat if you want the book to be able to stand up.

7. Decorate the pages. I drew first with pencil starting with the eyes, nose, and mouth and then filled in with details. I used sharpie markers for the coloring which did show through slightly on the other side but it wasn't so much that I felt it was a problem. I found a lot of inspiration by looking up "day of the dead skulls on google images."

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