Saturday, October 31, 2015

More Skull Books

Here's what I love about the internet. I posted a link to Tuesday's post on making Day of the Dead Skull Books on the Book Arts List. Edith forward the link to Laura. Here's what she wrote to me about her eight-year-old daughter Hadley:

My daughter Hadley has been making Day of the Dead booklets for her friends, her teacher, her dance teacher, a friend’s mom, her sister—anyone she can think of! She taught her friend to make one yesterday during our pre-Halloween craft extravaganza. She has been designing the fronts and leaving the rest of the pages open for the recipient to use as a notebook or to add his/her own designs. Thanks for bringing this joy into our lives. Edith kicked off our interest in making books with a personal workshop last spring, and Hadley was very insistent on folding each of these with her bone folder, and getting the corners right.  

I love the simplicity of Hadley's books. I felt the need to cover every skull with pattern and am impressed that she didn't. I know the recipients of her books will have fun with the rest of the pages. Thank you Edith, Laura, and Hadley for sharing.

You can see all the pages of my book on flickr.

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