Saturday, December 26, 2015

First Day of Christmas

Here's my Christmas card from my daughter. I love its elegance and simplicity and the fact that she made it for me. I love that the little girl who spent so much time with me in the studio is now an adult who still knows her way around paper and the collage box and the beauty of the handmade. 

Over the past year I have realized that teaching is as important to me as doing my work. When I first started teaching in schools, I had the idea that when I "retired,"  I would concentrate solely on my art. It hasn't worked out that way. Teaching and sharing are as much a part of me as my art. I have done some Book-Play workshops for adults in the past few years and plan to put more effort into developing the program and one on making small keepsake editions for poets and writers. So I love the opportunity to go into teacher mode and say a few things about this card. One is that everyone should have a collage box with interesting bits of paper. Two is that there is beauty in simplicity. And three is that a dark background can be a design element in itself and bring together what is in the foreground.

I've been posting the 12 Days of Christmas since 2009. You can revisit past 12 Days here

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