Sunday, January 24, 2016

Studio Sunday-Calligraphy

I love looking at all kind of catalogs and often see quotes or sayings written in type. In that vein, I wanted to write something that felt more direct than my usual calligraphy and did this. I framed it in an inexpensive frame from Michael's. I have it propped up against some shelves in the studio as I try to decide what I think. It does accomplish what I wanted but I'm not quite sure I want it now that I see it. Comments are welcome.


Kaija said...

I love this quote and your calligraphy! I think the quote would benefit from having more space around it as it's now sort of leaning towards the top left corner as the end flourishes make the right side visually lighter. More room all around is my suggestion, even though this is sweet as is is.

Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord said...

Thank Kaija and to those who responded via email. Putting it out there and getting feedback has helped me clarify my thinking. I am really interested in making this as graphic as possible.I am trying to take away all the conventions of how I would normally present calligraphy—no margins-definitely sold on that, but not sure how I feel about making the attribution smaller. I kind of want the space to be all taken. Just an experiment to try to make it more contemporary. Am thinking about a calligraphic equivalent to some of the more contemporary type design I see. Which I don't always like so I'm not quite sure why I feel the need.

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