Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Book Arts Tuesday-Workshop in Gloucester, MA

I'm getting ready for this workshop and having a great time. It's easiest to explain it by sharing the blurb:

Learn to make simple handmade books that require no special materials, tools, or technical skills. They can be produced as one-of-a-kinds or printed in small editions—perfect to give away as keepsakes at readings and events, use as a format for small zine, and share with friends and family. You’ll get advice on page layout, paper choices, and printing and be ready to continue making these books on your own. 

To make design and printing easy, all the books have writing on only one side of the paper. They can vary in size but most are small. I am doing some collaborative projects with friends as part of the process. The first was Morning View Haikus with Anne Mulvey. Anne and I are doing a second volume which will have type rather than calligraphy. I have a few others in the works and look forward to sharing them.

I have the book forms worked out. Now I'll be spending some time on page layout and preparing the document for printing or copying. I am assuming that some people will use their home printers and others will go to copy and print shops. It is as much fun to prepare for workshops as it is to actually teach them.

Book Arts Tuesday and Studio Sunday will be on vacation until April 3. 

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Unknown said...

It so creative to make such books! I think, It's a great hand tool to read some poetry. It could be also very nice present. By the way, nice design also could motivate to read more!

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