Sunday, March 06, 2016

Studio Sunday-Sorting Papers

Well, I thought I had posted an Out of the Studio Sunday via my iphone last week from the Spirit Books exhibition and reception at Mercy by the Sea in Madison, CT, but it appears I did not. It was a lovely afternoon and I got to meet lots of blog and facebook friends. I am amazed at the reach of social media and the connections we can make in this virtual world.

My first day back in the studio was Tuesday. As I was still too full of thoughts of the installation and the reception to settle down, I spent the day sorting through my paper drawers (which I am SO lucky to have). I passed some sheets along to the local high school along with lots of smaller pieces. Most importantly, I reorganized my approach to the papers I use for the Spirit Books. On the left is a small part of what was a much larger pile of bits and pieces on the floor and on the right is one of the rearranged drawers. Before I had one drawer with full sheets and one with smaller pieces. Now I have the same kinds together regardless of size. I think it will function better.

I also went through my plastic drawer of bits and pieces from the Spirit Books. I put the scraps in my collage box and arranged torn and folded sheets into neat piles,

 put page pattern ideas that didn't work in prior books into a cigar box,

and started a collection of pieces of paper with information on the type and where purchased written on them (I do not do as good a job of keeping track of where papers come from as I should).

It was a most productive and satisfying day.


Mo Crow said...

love seeing all the different textures of your papers

Cathryn said...

I always find it difficult to know how to organize my partial sheets of paper. I'll be interested to hear how the 'all paper of one sort in one place regardless of size' works out. ; ]

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