Thursday, April 28, 2016

May Day Book to Make and Share

We celebrate May Day every year starting early in the morning at a gathering on the banks of the Charles River in Cambridge, MA. We dance and sing from song books are distributed and collected throughout the morning. My favorite is the Padstow May Song which is traditionally sung on May Day in Padstow, Cornwall. Here's a little accordion book for you to print, fold, and color. Part of the refrain is the centerpiece of the accordion and the complete lyrics (at least what we sing in Cambridge) are on the reverse side.

1. Print the pdf. If you want to color in the flowers, I think it is easiest to do that before you fold.

2. Fold the paper in half so it is long and skinny like a hot dog with the writing on the outside.

3. Fold the folded piece in half so that the calligraphy verse is on the outside.

4. Take one layer, flip the edge back to meet the fold, and crease.

5. Turn the paper over and do the same on the other side.

6. Your book is complete. Happy May!

Print the pdf here.

Here's a fan book project using the same verse from from 2012.

1 comment:

FSD artist said...

Thank you Susan! I've printed three to share with friends who will gather in Ohio to watch migrating warblers on May 1! ❤️

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