Sunday, June 12, 2016

Studio Sunday-Patience and Strength

Here are two words that I will need as I move forward with my video series. My daughter and I spent a long day yesterday filming a couple of segments. She then spent time that night editing the videos in imovie. I felt so ungrateful this morning when I watched the first video and burst into tears. I had no issue with the content. I just did not like the way I looked. Who is this person?

I had done a quick video by myself with my iphone earlier in the week and I so preferred it. The fact that it was not as clear and sharp helped a lot. And I realized that as encouraging as she was while she filmed me, I was not as relaxed as I had been when I was alone.

I am going to back and redo them. I'm going to try them without lights and see if I can soften the look without losing the clarity. I know I have a lot of good material worth sharing and that I can't let my vanity get in the way. I'll keep you posted.


Mo Crow said...

you are the artist it's up to you to get the visuals "right" & iPhones take very good movies!

Valerie said...

Sad that we are less pleased with our looks as we get more worth sharing - and i don't mean just you!
You can do this. Keep on trying. You do have great content, Valerie

Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord said...

Thank you Mo and Valerie
I'll continue to post about this journey. I'm starting over with the videos and realize that part of the problem that I was trying to make it look more professional. I think I was responding not just to how I looked but to a feeling of not being quite authentic. I'll try again with the iphone. I'll get there!

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