Sunday, June 05, 2016

Studio Sunday-Quote Book

When I make samples, I try to make most of them without calligraphy so that viewers won't think they need to do calligraphy to make the books. Sounds obvious, but when I first started teaching bookmaking many years ago, discouragement was often voiced. "But I don't know how to do calligraphy. My books will never be as nice as yours."

The above book is an eight page accordion made from one sheet of recycled copy paper with writing on one side only. I folded it in half like a hamburger with the writing on the inside, then opened it and glued the two layers together so it would stay together when I cut the arched shapes on the top. I used sharpies for the lettering and drawing.

I made the book to go in a photo to promote my upcoming video series. It was my daughter Kendra's suggestion that I have a photo chock full of books to use for promotion and introduction. The arrangement is getting there. I plan to tinker with it a little bit more and then photograph it on Monday with a good camera and lights.


Mo Crow said...

you're a treasure!

Cathryn said...

That's quite the collection of books! Looking forward to the videos. ; ]

Kaija said...

Great group photo! I, too, look forward to your videos!

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