Sunday, June 19, 2016

Studio Sunday-Video Update

What a difference a week makes. Above is a still taken from the one of the videos I filmed yesterday. I like the way I look—relaxed and comfortable. In last week's video efforts, I realize it was about both how I looked and how I felt. First of all, while bright lighting does wonderful things for artwork, it doesn't do much for the human face. I look so much better with natural light. But the biggest problem was that I didn't feel like the authentic me. I had spent so much time the week before thinking about all the aspects of the presentation that I lost sight of my goal—to share what I have learned over the years and love doing. I don't know that it would have been that noticeable to others but to me there was an element of salesmanship going on. I was trying to sell the viewer on the value of watching the videos and that's just not my style. I believe in the value of what I am doing. If the videos get it across, great. If not, my telling you how to feel won't make a difference.

The sequence of the week was:
I did some filming with my iphone. It used a Joby tripod for smartphone on a box and two books. I used the camera front-facing (like you would take a selfie) so I could see what I was doing. They came out well. I was excited.

I talked to my son. Told him how good I thought they turned out and how easy it was to work with the phone in selfie mode.

He said, "You don't want to do that. The front-facing camera is way lower quality than the normal view." I was not pleased.

I decided to do some research online. It turns out that one of the big differences between an iphone 6 (what I had) and the newer one, 6s, is the quality of the front facing camera (from 1.5 to 5 megapixels).

I was eligible for an upgrade and now have a new iphone 6s. It just didn't make sense to start this project with lower level technology.

Yesterday I spent three hours with my new phone and filmed a youtube channel trailer and what I need for three short videos. They're imported into my computer and renamed so I can tell which is which.

Now it's onto editing with imovie. When they're done, I need to do some organizing to my youtube channel and then I'll post them. I hope that will be in a week or two. We're on our way!


Mo Crow said...

Hooray for being your own film make, editor and producer, I love this 21st C world!

Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord said...

Me too! Who would have ever thought? And from your phone!

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