Tuesday, January 05, 2021

Looking Back at 2020


I started last year with this image, created with no idea of how precious our breaths would become and how strong we would need to stand. As I embark on new projects in 2021, I wanted to take a moment to remember the ones I did last year.


Keepsake Books is a series of how-to bookmaking videos I made to offer a creative activity during the pandemic. While most of my videos focus on the construction, these deal with the content as well. Here's what I wrote about them:

Keepsake Books help us embrace all the complexity of life—to celebrate the joys, cope with the difficulties, and honor those who have passed. They are made with the most accessible of materials and the simplest of techniques. These are books of the heart, made with your fullest attention and deepest feelings. Each of the eight projects has a theme. There are ideas for content—words to write and simple illustrations to make. 


I had casually contemplated a project on women's suffrage and then suddenly became passionate to do something as the anniversary came closer. I enjoyed the research as well as the lettering and found such power in their words and their stories. I'm still working my way through my list of biographies and am in awe of every single woman.  


Sea Jewels is a catalog of pastel wave paintings by my friend Sandra Kavanaugh. The book is 6" high by 8" wide. All the paintings are reproduced actual size. I am amazed at the power and immediacy she achieves at such a small size. I designed the book and it was such fun to work together.

On deck for next year: design of a book of poems by Anne Mulvey called Family Matters, a new book by me called Naming the Garden with photographs of flowers with their Latin names in calligraphy,

a new video series 
on youtube involving calligraphy and words, and new Spirit Books. I am grateful every day for my work which keeps me grounded and inspired. 

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