Saturday, January 09, 2021

Making Books With Children

As I try to anchor myself in the chaos that we are living in, I want to be able to be useful in some way. I started to think back to my days of teaching bookmaking to children and have decided to share some of the material I developed.

I became involved with making books with children after my first child was born. My involvement in the schools began when he was in pre-school and became a full-time career as I traveled from school to school sharing simple bookmaking with children, teachers, and families for over twenty years. The focus was on integrating bookmaking into the curriculum and making learning fun. Since 1999 I have freely shared information and inspiration on my website

I'll be sharing projects and ideas in the coming days. The book above is a slat book based on forms from ancient China. I used recycled materials: cereal box pages covered with a variety of paper pieces from my collage box. I braided yarn and tape from old cassette for the ties.

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