Saturday, December 18, 2010

Back Porch Wreath

The back porch wreath has been dressed for the season. I started with the grape vine wreath I made in September. I added white lights and silver snowflakes I made from leftover metal holders from tea light candles. I first made them a few years ago but the silver dots on my paper snowflakes inspired me to add beads. Lastly I added holly clippings from our male holly, the ever-vigorous blue stallion.

Because snowflakes are hexagonal, cut the sides into six equal parts. I find it easiest to use one pair of opposing dots to determine where to make the first two cuts. Then I just judge by eye to cut each half into thirds.

The next cuts you make will start to design your snowflake. Snip a triangle or other shape away from the edge of each of the six parts.

Continue snipping away shapes until you have a snowflake you like.

1. I do not recommend this as a project for young children.
2. The edges of the snowflake are not particularly sharp, but the little bits of metal pieces can be. I did my snipping over a cardboard box so that the little pieces wouldn't go on the floor but a sweep or vacuum after is a good idea.
3. Because the metal is thin, it is easy to cut but not particularly sturdy so the finished snowflakes should be handled with care.

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